9 Reasons To Tell Your Friends Not To Miss Tomorrowland 2018!

Tomorrowland is an electronic music festival held in Boom, Belgium. They started small in 2005 with only 10,000 people. Next year, 2018, with the ever-growing popularity and being known as the world’s largest and most notable EDM (Electro Dance Music) festival, it stretches again over 2 weekends with 360,000 expected attendees. People of Tomorrow will unite again on July 20-22 and July 27-29, 2018 to celebrate life.

Find out why you shouldn’t miss Tomorrowland 2018!

1) Most multi-national crowd

Tomorrowland has a very diverse crowd. It has attendees from almost all the countries that you could think of. It’s more like the Olympics than just attending a music festival! I’m not kiddin’! People are proud to represent their country and hold their flags high. Tomorrowland has made this happen through their online pre-registration, 6 months before the festival. For Tomorrowland 2018,  pre-registration will start on January 9 so make sure to mark your calendar. The lucky first ten people in every country will secure a spot in the festival and get up to 4 tickets each. Maybe next time, think of a friend living in a remote country and ask to register for you! Good luck!

2) Bracelets and not tickets

Tomorrowland 2016 Bracelets
Tomorrowland 2016 Bracelets

Tomorrowland is the most sought-after EDM festival in the world. During global ticket sales, the majority of tickets are sold out within seconds even though the lineup of DJs has not even been announced yet.

Prior to the festival, Tomorrowland is making it exciting for the attendees already by sending collectible bracelets which will grant them access to the festival and camping grounds. It’s an achievement for getting a ticket to this festival, receiving the bracelet that comes in a treasury case is like receiving an award. As soon as you receive your bracelets, you are now able to top-up your bracelet with “Pearls” which is the official currency of Tomorrowland.

3) Atmosphere / Vibe

The atmosphere is already very exciting before the festival even starts! For the duration of the event, the entire town of Boom is very vibrant. Locals are welcoming the festival-goers by putting the Tomorrowland flag on their houses. They even set up chairs on their driveways and drink beers while welcoming everyone that passes by.

If you purchase the Global Journey package, you can start the madness already on board a plane, train or bus. On Tomorrowland 2014, I bought the Global Journey Train Package from London because this was the easiest way to get a ticket. Global Journey is way more expensive than the regular ticket but who cares, it was Tomorrowland’s 10th year anniversary! Just like what I’ve seen in the aftermovie, we had a DJ on board. There were lots of drinking, dancing, shouting and the energy was so high and everyone was excited.

The Grand-Place which is the central square of Brussels is also well decorated with flowers and flags from around the world. People are partying in the central square as the DJs play their music.

Tomorrowland Festival ground
Tomorrowland Festival ground
Tomorrowland Festival ground
Tomorrowland Festival ground

Tomorrowland has a distinctive theme and outlandish production which changes every year. You will feel like it is a theme-park like Disneyland with all the windmills, Ferris wheel, giant mushrooms, glowing flower fountains, candy-cane arches and fireworks to create a fantasyland atmosphere. For those who have been to Tomorrowland, this is absolutely the happiest place on earth! This year, the theme was “Amicorum Spectaculum” which is rooted in Latin that means a spectacle with friends. For 2018, Tomorrowland will bring us to a new world and introduce us to a new adventure, “The Story of Planaxis”.

Here are the previous years’ themes from 2013 – 2017:

  • 2013 – The Arising of Life
  • 2014 – The Key to Happiness
  • 2015 – The Secret Kingdom of Melodia
  • 2016 – The Elixir of Life
  • 2017 – Amicorum Spectaculum

4.) DreamVille

DreamVille's fountain
DreamVille’s fountain
DreamVille's Oxygen Bar
DreamVille’s Oxygen Bar

The campsite of Tomorrowland called DreamVille is unlike anything else and this is where half of the fun happens. A lot of pre-drinking, dancing, singing and crowd chanting, etc. There’s always something to do at DreamVille.

DreamVille has everything that you can possibly think of. They provide the following themed facilities just for the festival: a fresh bakery, supermarket, butcher’s shop, food stands from around the worldTomorrowland tattoo stand, DreamVille radio station, camping gear shop, hairdressers and make-up salon, hot & cold showers, BBQ area and an oxygen bar.

DreamVille's candy-cane arch
DreamVille’s candy-cane arch

People arrive at the campsite the day before the Tomorrowland festival starts. They bring their camping gear, liters of alcohol transferred in plastic containers, tons of beer, inflatable swimming pools, loud speakers, beer pong tables, inflatable chairs/sofas and party tents with their country flag in it. The pre-opening party of Tomorrowland called “The Gathering” also happens here. DJs start playing exclusively for those who are camping at DreamVille.

Depending on your budget, you have a wide array of accommodations packages to choose from:

  • Magnificent Greens / Magnificent Greens Tent Packages
  • Friendship Garden Packages
  • Easy Tent / Spectacular Easy Tent Packages
  • Relax Room Packages
  • DreamLodge /  Spectacular DreamLodge Packages
  • Cabana Packages
  • Mansion Packages

5.) People of Tomorrow

The People of Tomorrow are the happiest, most passionate and most enthusiastic festival-goers. Everyone is having the time of their lives during this weekend of love and music. People are giving random high fives to each other. Just by walking from DreamVille to Tomorrowland festival ground, you will already feel the energy. People are singing and chanting while holding on to their beers. They come with their best festival outfits. It is a festival for crazy people who like to play dress-up. They wear costumes such as Power Rangers, Borat, Pharaohs, Morphsuits, etc. Basically, the crazier the better!

Making Friends with the People of Tomorrow

Tomorrowland 2014 with the Dutch friends
Tomorrowland 2014 with the Dutch friends
Tomorrowland 2016 with the Dutch friends
Tomorrowland 2016 with the Dutch friends

I have met a bunch of friends in Tomorrowland. I went solo the first time I attended Tomorrowland and was surprised how easy it was to make new friends. Immediately after I pitched my tent, I went to “The Gathering”, grabbed my beer and danced shuffle to the beat and some French guys approached me and became my friends from then on. I went back to my tent and the Dutch people drinking around me handed me a cold beer to drink at their party tent. These Dutch guys became my instant friends too!

We even ended up meeting again 2 years after to attend Tomorrowland 2016 together with the Dutch friends. We were like 20 this time with a convoy of 6 cars from Amsterdam to Boom. This time, after I pitched my tent next to theirs, I went back to “The Gathering” for some music and dancing. To my surprise, I found the French friends that I met 2 years back in the same spot. How cool is that!? My 2nd-year experience was about being reunited with the people I met in Tomorrowland 2014. They even reserved one Tomorrowland 2017 ticket for me but sadly, I wasn’t able to join them this year…FML!

Actually, most of the People of Tomorrow who attended this year were the people who suffered from PTD (Post Tomorrowland Depression) from the previous years. It’s very addicting once you’ve experienced the Tomorrowland madness.

6.) Tomorrowland Lineup

The lineup has always been massive each year! Over 745 DJs played at Tomorrowland 2017! A-list DJs play every other corner of electronic music. From House, Trance, Techno, Drum and Bass, Hardstyle, etc. Headliners for this year were: Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Tiësto, David Guetta, Axwell ^ Ingrosso, Steve Angello, Paul Kalkbrenner, Eric Prydz, etc. You will be torn choosing between your favorite DJs because sometimes they are playing at the same time on a different stage.

7.) Extravagant Stages

Tomorrowland 2014 Main Stage
Tomorrowland 2014 Main Stage

There were over 69 stages during the two concurrent weekends this year and artists were playing simultaneously on 15 stages every single day of the festival. Each year, all the stages are painstakingly decorated and with a theme of their own. But the most anticipated thing about Tomorrowland is about how they design the out of this world “Main Stage”.

Confetti at Tomorrowland's Main Stage
Confetti at Tomorrowland’s Main Stage
Tomorrowland Crowd
Tomorrowland Crowd

The Main Stage is surrounded by hills. Looking down from the top of the hill will give you an overhead view of the jaw-dropping giant set. Imagine the massive crowd with their flags all over the dance floor…the loud music from your favorite DJ…the colorful confetti…the amazing fireworks and pyrotechnics…the impressive laser show…and the entire production. This is the moment where you will tell yourself that you are not in the real world now and you just want to seize the moment. The energy is so contagious that you can’t help but feel ecstatic.

8.) Tomorrowland Aftermovie

Yes! You can blame it on the aftermovies for making Tomorrowland the most sought-after EDM festival. If you have seen any of the aftermovies in the previous years, you would have wanted to go to this festival right away. It captures the festival’s vibe with the perfectly selected mixed soundtrack from the entire event. It’s kinda funny how the People of Tomorrow will do everything just to be seen in Tomorrowland aftermovie, which is the final glorious memory they can take home from the best weekend of their lives!

9.) Best Music Event Award

Finally, Tomorrowland has proven that this is the greatest EDM Festival ever by securing its spot as “Best Music Event” for 2012 to 2016 at the International Dance Music Awards. In 2015, Tomorrowland won the inaugural award from DJ Magazine for The World’s No.1 Festival.

For those who are planning to join the madness on Tomorrowland 2018, you’ll definitely have the greatest time of your life and a sensory overload from start to finish! Actually, being there is way better than the aftermovie. It is indeed The Greatest EDM Festival Ever!


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